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1. Convenience. You just need more time.

2. Sensitive skin or allergies.

3. You wear glasses or contact lenses or have had Lasik surgery.

4. Arthritis or painful hands.

5. Difficulty applying makeup or you don't like the way it smears and disappears.

6. Aging changes in brows, lips, eyes.

7. Active, outdoor lifestyles.

8. If you like a natural "no makeup" look.

9. Hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery.

10. Color correction. Sear camouflage, breast areol loss, cleft lip and vitiligo.**

Our permanent makeup technician is highly skilled and board certified so you can rest assured your results will meet and exceed your expectations.

Permanent makeup

• Eyeliner

• Eyebrows - $450

• Lip liner

• Full lips

At Paladium Palace, we offer permanent makeup services at your convenience, with after hour’s appointments available. Give us a call today to learn more about the application process or to schedule your appointment.

By appointment only.

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Board certified technicians

Save time every day!

Flexible scheduling

"We are committed to enriching your inner beauty.  Why not look and feel your best permanently!"

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